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Software development

We  have extensive knowledge in  writing software tools, scripts and stand-alone applications  involving


  •  numerical analysis (e.g. structural analysis, multi-body dynamics, heat transport analysis, 
    wave propagation analysis, etc.),

  • interface programming for numerical analysis (e.g. ANSYS, ABAQUS,  ADAMS,  SIMPACK, etc.),

  • optimization problems (gradient based methods, genetic optimization,  integer optimization,  
    constrained optimization, pattern search etc.),

  • measurement analysis (e.g. signal processing, automated evaluation, reporting  etc.)  and

  • statistical analysis (e.g.  statistical data analysis, database software  etc.).

We use the well-known Matlab  software package  featuring a huge library of functions and  solvers, graphical user interface (GUI) creation, post-processing functionalities,  Microsoft-Office interface routines, compiling routines for generating stand-alone applications  and many more.  


Do you have repetitive tasks  at  your engineering  work which  are both  time-consuming and error-prone due to  manual data handling? Do you want to take advantage of finite element  analysis for solving frequent problems  at your work by using  made-to-measure tools  which perfectly fit the processes in your company? We are looking forward  to get in contact with you!

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